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There’s probably an app for that — whatever “that” may be. With countless applications available for web and mobile, the challenge lies in finding the right ones. Now, Quixey — a search engine for apps, 18 months in the making — seeks to find them for you.

Quixey is lifting the veil on its fully automated, self-described “functional search” engine for applications Tuesday. Instead of simply searching for an application by its developer-generated description, the user can search and discover apps by Quixey-defined functions.

Tell Quixey what you want to do — see sports scores, edit video, find cheap gas, etc. — and the search engine will return results, ranked by relevance, with all of the web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Firefox, IE and Chrome apps that match your query.

You can filter the results by type, or by associated platform — say, for instance, you’re only in search of applications that remove redeye and plug in to Flickr (as the photo illustrates). On the right-hand side of the page, Quixey displays system-generated text for each app that attempts to inform you whether the app lives up to its stated purpose.


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